Fox for Flight Schools

Industry-proven with large & small training operations


Fox is specially crafted to support the aviation industry’s challenging training requirements.

Manage the entire lifecycle of pilot training, learning and qualifications in a single platform.

  • Replace multiple systems and manual logbooks
  • Manage grading and qualifications for trainers and trainees
  • Log aircraft times for availability and to ensure fleet-balancing
  • Monitor engine hours for inspection and maintenance purposes
  • Respond quickly to ad hoc customer requests
  • Ensure compliance with civil aviation authorities
  • Manage traditional and alternative regulatory programs such as AQP, ATQP and EBT

Proprietary Optimization Engines
Fox’s algorithm-based optimization engines have been designed, calibrated and proven to improve training efficiency, reduce costs and increase capacity. 

Whether large or small, Fox will improve training performance, boost trainee and training staff satisfaction, and enable you to focus on your business.